By Mark Stotzer

Assistant Editor

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Given that the paper manual supplied with AS leaves much to be desired, here is an addendum to help you navigate through it and use it. I will faithfully follow the original organization of the manual throughout.

But first-What's on the CDROM? Here's the directory structure-

\AS: AS files.

\AS2ATP: The AS2ATP upgrade/conversion program for current ATP users.

\ASM: AS files.

\AS_EURO: AS files.

\ATPSHARE: Readme files for the ATPUTIL programs.

\ATPUTILS: The entire ATPUTIL version 4.10 package. Note: Version 4.11 has recently been released and can be downloaded from FTP.IUP.EDU.

\AVI, \BITMAP, BITMAPUS: Various movie and picture files.

\DOSINST: The AS DOS only install BAT file.

\FLC_453; \FLC_640; \FLI_320: Various small movie files.

\INSTALL: A demo of "Flight School?"

\SCDEMO: Demo of Schiratti Commander for FS5 from LAGO.

\SCPTH72: Patch for Schiratti Commander for FS5 to upgrade it from version 1.00.70 to 1.00.72.

\SOUND: Large collection of sound files.

\VENDEMO: Demo of LAGO's Venice FS5 scenery addon.

\VESA: Various shareware versions of UNIVBE/SDD SVGA performance enhancement drivers.

\VFWRTM: Video for Windows runtime install files used is AS Windows setup.

\WPPDEMO: Demo of WinPlanner.

In any case, browse through the CDROM subdirectories and see what's there for yourself and read some of the many "Readme" or *.doc files.

Important Note: A patch to upgrade AS to version 1.1 was erroneously released 12/24/96-do not use it! When the REAL patch is released we will get a copy for all to download! To view the DRAFT patch "readme" file Click Here.

To the top of page 5 of the manual then..........


The text in this section is valid and useful.


"ATP Users"

Do not run the AS2ATP program if you are a current user of ATP or ATP+3DAGS until you get the above noted AS patch to upgrade it to Version 1.1.

"MS-DOS Users"

This is for DOS users that do not have or do not want to use windows with AS. The DOS install BAT files only installs AS. You can also use the AS2ATP program from DOS only. Note: installing in this manner means you will NOT have the interactive manual available and thus NOT have access to the keyboard commands, approach plates, etc!


The notes here are valid. Note: The AS Interactive Manual was written with a multimedia authoring program called "Toolbook 3.0" from Asymetrix-that's what all the *.TBK files are for.

"Important Notes"

Take note that you CANNOT copy the Interactive Manual files to run from your harddrive. You have to have the CDROM inserted to run the manual-period.


"Windows 95 Users"

The notes here are correct. Plus, depending on your video card, your may have to add loading UNIVBE to your AS.BAT files before it loads AS.

"Windows 3.XX Users"

This is where it says that you have to EXIT Windows 3.xx to run AS and to remove the AS Icon!

"Airline Simulator Support Utilities"

The setup installs some additional icons that allow you to switch scenery areas and use ATPUTIL version 4.10 and ATPVOICE with AS. Download the ATPUTIL version 4.11 (ATPUTI411.ZIP-850KB) from FTP.IUP.EDU and update the ATPUTIL files installed in your \AIRSIM directory. There are also some demos and other files on the CDROM that do not install with AS-see the "What's on the CDROM" section above.


This section is correct.

"Configuring Your System"

I totally agree with the notes here-If AS will not run you probably have a shortage of "free conventional DOS memory" problem. See my DOS Memory Optimization Page.


The "free" memory requirements stated here are valid. The rest of the notes here are worth a look.

"CONFIG.SYS"-etc. See my DOS memory page noted above.

"AUTOEXEC.BAT", etc. See my DOS Memory page noted above.

"Window95 Users"

The notes here are vague and incomplete-See my Optimizing DOS Memory with Win95 page!


Nothing to add here for now.


These tips are useful. Also see my ATP/AS Tips Page.

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